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’80s Video Dance Attack Sixth Anniversary Party! Friday, March 25.


photoTo celebrate ’80s Video Dance Attack’s sixth anniversary party, I had planned on writing several glowing paragraphs about how much un this weekly event is. After all, every single Friday, hundreds and hundreds of people -many clad in glowing plastic bangles, pegged jeans and Pretty In Pink-esque prom dresses-crowd the Crystal’s dance floor and straight up get into the groove. This isn’t one of those parties where patrons stand around watching a couple people dance; this is a fun, sweaty, fully interactive blowout that pulls in an age range between those just old enough to drink legally and those who purchased Madonna’s first album…on vinyl. The day it came out.



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Venture Out to Hear the Ventures

LogoShould a band that’s been playing since 1958 have a MySpace page? In a musical world full of pop stars whose blip of fame barely registers long enough to produce a ring tone, The Ventures may be the only 53-year-old band to be able to pull it off.

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Happy Birthday, Ruby Ale


Put your birthday party hats on, because it’s time to paint the town red -Ruby red, in honor of Ruby Ale’s 25th Birthday.

photoThat’s right, the popular ol’ gal was first brewed on March 21, 1986, at the Hillsdale Brewery, and with its light taste buoyed by, of all things, raspberry puree. The original recipe (seen below) was more bitter than today’s incarnation of the beer. McMenamins brewer John Richen explains, “This version was very heavily hopped among other things: six pounds of hops for a 110-gallon batch versus [today’s] half-pound of hops for a 210 gallon batch.”

Of course, Ruby’s signature is the light streak of raspberry flavor that infuses the beer with a beautiful red glow. Ruby gets her fruity zing from 42 pounds of raspberry puree added to every 210-gallon batch. No wonder she blushes so much!



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David Mayfield: We Dare You Not to Dance

David MayfieldBearded and bespectacled, David Mayfield doesn’t initially look like the type of performer who could whip a crowd into a frenzy. But with his swiveling hips, sexy moves (ironic, or not?) and loopy charm, Mayfield exudes an awkward charisma that elicits hoots ‘n’ hollers.

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2011 Devils Bit Whiskey

photoOnce a year, in honor of ye auld St. Pat, our distillers handcraft a special whiskey, available exclusively at Edgefield and Old St. Francis School and on just one day a year – that’s right, on St. Patrick’s Day.

A Little History…

So why “the Devils Bit”? It was named after a mountain in North Tipperary, Ireland. Legend has it that a small gap in the mountain is where the devil took a bite and spit out the rock.  That spit-out piece became the Rock of Cashel, which was the traditional seat of the kings of Munster in Ireland for several hundred years; most of the buildings that remain on the site date from the 1100s and 1200s. According to legend, Cashel is also the site of the conversion of the King of Munster by St. Patrick in the 5th century.


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Spar Stars

Vince BrownThe Spar Café: It’s been a saloon, a rooming house for rowdy sailors, a billiard hall, a bowling alley and even a haven for gambling. It’s been a meeting place for longshoremen and politicians, students and native Olympians. And now, while maybe less raucous than it used to be, the Spar is re-instating a staple of its past: Live music.

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