You know what’s great? Our Music Residency Series at Al’s Den. I’m not just saying this because it’s my job to photograph them — I have seen some of my favorite acoustic, live music in Portland there (and it’s only been open since May ‘11). I knew this tiny room had a hold on me during the Crystal Hotel’s opening when Lewi Longmire, Evan Way, and Mike Midlow started singing Neil Young covers — swoon.

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Our 20-page seasonal newsletter was discontinued a couple years back – so we’ll be periodically pulling old stories from this, as well as from the way-way back newsletter called photoResonance of the Festival. First up, here’s a story published in our Winter 2006 newsletter about our staff’s favorite McMenamins artwork…

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things…

We asked McMenamins staff and employees to name their favorite pieces of artwork within the Kingdom. Suggestions came pouring in from our pubs, breweries and hotels, so we could only include a very few of those picks here. Keep an eye out for these masterpieces and others the next time you visit your local McMenamins. Let us know what your favorite artwork is!

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Concordia Brewery at the Kennedy School presents…
2011 Whiskey Widow  Release 

Tapping Friday, December 2, 2011
Boiler Room Bar (Kennedy School)

Brewers Matt Carter and Kevin Lee will be on hand to discuss the Whiskey Widow and any other of their beers.


Boiler RoomIntroducing the latest in the Concordia Barrel Series – Whiskey Widow began as our special Halloween ale Black Widow, a porter made for the first time 20 years ago at the Thompson Brewery in Salem, Ore., and made annually in house ever since. Black Widow is a strong, black, roast-flavored porter with subliminal notes of anise and chocolate in the finish, mostly due the licorice root added at the end of the kettle boil. 

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