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Thanks for the Memory, Etta

Music legend Etta James died today at the age of 73. The legacy she left behind in music is timeless and beautiful. But the memory she left with me is one of the highlights of my career.

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Stories from the Vault

Our 20-page seasonal newsletter was discontinued a couple years back — so we’ll be periodically pulling old stories from this, as well as from the way-way back newsletter called Resonance of the Festival. Here’s a story published in our Winter 2007 newsletter about our love of a roaring, crackling fire, especially this time of year…

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New Tastes: How Coffee Cupping Guides the Process

photoThe newest product to come out of McMenamins Coffee Roasters is our seasonal offering — Fireside Blend. This is a mixture of two of our finest coffees that work together to enhance the warm, nutty chocolate tones in one another and combine to create the ultimate beverage to enjoy throughout the chilly winter months in the Pacific Northwest.

This new blend required much research and experimentation to develop. Here at the Roasters, we are continually working to create new products that represent our commitment to quality. One important tool we use to achieve this is coffee cupping. This is a traditional coffee industry technique and can be seen as our equivalent to the more widely known art of wine tasting.


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