This piece by artist Joe Cotter hangs on the 2nd floor of Edgefield and depicts one of the original Edgefield “artists” – Racer X – hard at work.  

Racer X

Between 1982 and 1989, the poor-farm-turned-old-folks-home-turned-county-eyesore stood empty. Well, sort of empty – along with the blackberry bushes, the mice, snakes and other invaders came a band of merry pranksters armed with spray paint. One of these (or maybe all of them, who knows?) went by the slightly unoriginal moniker Racer X.

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con·tin·u·um /k?n?tinyo?o?m/
Noun · A continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptibly different from each other, although the extremes are quite distinct.

MyrnaPieceThis detail (taken from a panel by artist Myrna Yoder) hangs in a back corridor at the Kennedy School and depicts a festive gathering outside of the Little Red Shed at McMenamins Edgefield-the old county poor farm in Troutdale, Ore. While it may initially seem out of place at Kennedy, its inclusion is no mistake; rather, it is a conscious expression of the continuum that exists among our places.

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