Frank T. Johns, Socialist Candidate for President, 1928On May 20, 1928, 39-year-old Frank T. Johns was campaigning as the Socialist Labor Party’s nominee for President of the United States. Johns was facing Republican Herbert Hoover and Democrat Al Smith at the peak of the Roaring ’20s. This Portland native and former carpenter made Bend, Oregon, his first stop on a nationwide campaign trail.

Suddenly, screams rang out.

A ten-year-old boy named Jack Rhodes had been fishing for trout along with several buddies. But he had fallen from a footbridge and into the water, clinging to the bridge while his friends desperately tried to get to him. Johns threw off his coat and dove into the icy river.

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The Portland Ice Arena (a.k.a. the Marshall Street Ice Rink) was a 2,000-seat multi-purpose arena located at NW 20th Ave. and Marshall St. At the hippodrome’s completion, the Oregonian enthused, “This city will be able to boast of the largest rink of its kind in the world.”

While the rink was home to the Portland Rosebuds Pacific Coast Hockey Association franchise from 1914 to 1918, the general public was also invited to enjoy the ice.

Portland Rosebuds Hockey Team, 1916

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Thunder logoThis Friday marks the release of our 4th annual batch of Thundercone Fresh Hop Ale. And so without further ado… 

Back in 2008, the Brewers Association (based in Boulder, CO) called fresh-hop beers “a growing phenomenon in the world of craft brewers.”

While Thundercone is the one we trumpet about now, it wasn’t the first fresh hop beer we made. There had been many small-batch brews made before that, including one made from Fred Eckhardt’s hops at both Concordia and Hillsdale.  

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