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He Was Her Man But He Done Her Wrong

“If America has a classical gutter song, it is the one that tells of Frankie and her man.” – Carl Sandberg, American Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and editor 

FrankieHere’s the original story of Frankie Baker, former Edgefield resident, most commonly associated with the ballad “Frankie and Johnny” as well as several Hollywood movies starring the likes of Mae West and Cary Grant, Michelle Pfeiffer and Al Pacino. While some say the song originated in the 1850s prior to the Civil War, it was attributed to Frankie Baker after her fatal dispute with a suitor in 1899.

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Football and Beer

Don Deeks The NFL playoffs are in full swing. And you know what goes well with football? Beer. This post has both football and beer.

Mike and Brian McMenamins’ uncle, Don Deeks (1923-1995), was quite the athlete – during high school, his specialties were throwing the javelin and discus and playing football.

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Miles Davis at the Grand Lodge

SeahorsesThis week, we take a look at one of the McMenamins artists with whom you may or may not be familiar. His name is Miles.

High on the east wall in the Grand Lodge’s Compass Theater hangs a colorful, abstract print. The style is unlike anything you’ve seen in the “McMenamins genre,” if you will. This piece called Seahorses has a look and style similar to that of early modernist Marc Chagall (1887-1985).

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