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If you make it out to Edgefield for a concert, take time to stroll around the grounds, pint in hand. Take a quiet moment on a bench in the herb garden, walk through the magic red door to the vegetable garden, check out the fruit in the orchard, stop to enjoy the flowers in the Wedding Meadow…

But, whatever you do, do not ask the gardeners the following question:

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Nellie Latourette

NellieThis week, we take a look into the inspiration behind a colorful Lyle Hehn painting that hangs at Hotel Oregon in McMinnville. The image has been used for many different types of promotions over the years – for winery events, for music programming, Mother’s Day and beyond. But what’s the real story here?

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From Cedars to Ruby’s

A show of hands, who’s been to Edgefield…? OK, great. Now, who’s been to Ruby’s Spa at Edgefield? Whether you’ve been to get a massage, lounge in the soaking pool or have your nails done, here’s a little background on that building, among the “newer” on the Edgefield property, and one that has ties to the recently purchased Pig Farm acreage across the street to the north.

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