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Anderson Artwork – James Egawa

As we all know, the Anderson School grand opening is less than two months away. The artists have been working since last fall on new artwork for the property, based on Tim’s historical research. Below is one of the new pieces that will hang at Anderson School, by local artist Carol Meckling, along with a short biography of a colorful life.

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Gladstone on Broadway

The Broadway Pub in NE Portland has a meeting space called the Gladstone Room. Who was Gladstone and what is his connection to the pub? Is there any connection at all? Wellll, yes and no…

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A Match in the Attic

Three sisters have discovered an old trunk in the attic of their family home. The trunk is locked and the sisters can see the key to the trunk hanging just inside the fireplace. Before they can reach it, the ghost of their ancestor, Squire Boone, appears in the form of a hovering flame that settles just below the key, making it too hot to touch.

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