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From Images and Stories to Panels and Murals

With the Anderson School grand opening less than two months away, the artists – McMenamins’ signature team along with contracted local artists from the greater Seattle area – are working steadily and with great creativity! Here are just a few examples of their work, based on historical photos, interviews and articles that Tim provided that came from the school, the alumni, Bothell Historical Society, local families and others. 

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Our Man Fred

Fred Eckhardt, legendary craft beer writer, brewing enthusiast and good friend to McMenamins, passed away on August 10th at the age of 89. He was one of the (if not the) most influential person in Oregon craft brewing. He self-published A Treatise on Lager Beers: A Handbook for Americans and Canadians on Lager Beer in 1969-70, long before anyone else was writing about home brewing and before it was even legal. The book went through several reprints and still remains a bible to those who home brew. One online review said: “When my friends want to know how to understand the beer they are drinking, this is the book I recommend. Note that I do NOT lend them my copy; I would not want to be without it.” Fred wrote several other books on brewing into the mid-‘90s, including one on the art of sake brewing.

Below are some quotes from Fred during his tenure as the Dean of Beer Writing, rounding out with a few lines from one of his favorite songs. And this lovely new painting by artist Olivia Behm will grace the Fred Eckhardt room at the Anderson School in Bothell. It is just one of many murals and panels and orbs that have or will have Fred’s jovial, waxed-moustached face on them for years to come.


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Melissa Darby, In Her Own Words

We’ve all heard the story of how a group of neighbors, alumni, community members and others got together to save Kennedy School from the wrecking ball in the late 1980s and into the early ‘90s. But here’s the story straight from one of the leaders of that quest, historic preservationist and neighborhood resident Melissa Darby, for whom one of our guestrooms at Kennedy is named.

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