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A Tree Stands in Bothell

At the corner of Main and what is today’s 102nd Ave. NE in downtown Bothell, there stands a towering fir tree. This fixture has stood since the 1800s, a witness to a population booms, a survivor of Bothell’s series of devastating fires in the early 1900s and a calm observer of the community’s rapid growth and development.

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The Phoenix Lights Come to McMinnville

On May 12-15, we’ll hold the 17th Annual UFO Festival at Hotel Oregon in McMinnville. The city’s parade, live music and tin-foil-covered-people-watching are undeniably exceptional. But it’s the presentations by leading scientists, investigators and experiencers from around the world that have garnered great respect and praise, resulting in a growing reputation for the overall event as one of the most well-balanced, open-minded UFO conferences in the nation.

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“smiles and daisies and box balloons”

On Thursday, January 28, not one but two members of Jefferson Airplane passed away – Paul Kantner and Signe Toly Anderson, both 74 years old. Anderson was raised in Portland and sang lead vocals on the band’s debut album, Jefferson Airplane Takes Off (1966). Shortly thereafter, she decided that life on the road was not for her and her newborn baby (with husband Jerry Anderson, one of the Merry Pranksters). She also had concerns about the record contracts the band was being offered by RCA Records.

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