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A Pioneer’s Perspective on the Space Age

One of our rooms at the Anderson School in Bothell, WA, is named for a colorful character named Elmer Carlberg. Born into what were still frontier conditions in the years just after Washington gained statehood, Elmer would live long enough to bear witness to the futuristic Space Age of the 1960s and beyond – always keeping an eye on the past.

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Art Pub Continues with “SPILL”

This week, we are hosting the next installation of the Art Pub series at the Mission Theater: “SPILL: Excerpts from the Original Theatrical Production.”

This event, featuring the work of McMenamins artist and theater/visual artist Reeva Wortel, poignantly marks the 6th anniversary of the most destructive environmental catastrophe in U.S. history. Read more below…


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Seen a Ghost?

Last year, we organized the monthly Paranormal Pub series at the Mission Theater, co-sponsored by the Oregon chapter of the Mutual UFO Network, as a way to help promote our annual UFO Festival (coming up on May 12-15 at Hotel Oregon). Along with UFOs, aliens, abduction experiences and more, the Paranormal Pub series focuses on “other topics and phenomena not currently part of consensus scientific knowledge and belief” – like ghosts!

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Pop Keeney’s Legacy

Born to a pioneer Washington lumber family, Harold “Pop” Keeney would in turn, become a pioneer in his own right. With a coaching career spanning nearly thirty years, Keeney (and the Keeney name) became synonymous with Bothell and Northshore regional sports. Once heralded “as the finest and smartest high school coach in the state,” Pop had more trick plays up his sleeve than a big top circus magician. His mastery of game tactics won him a devoted following from fans and team members alike, and it was his boundless energy and love for the game that helped him take his teams to numerous titles. His namesake, Pop Keeney Stadium, rising just behind Anderson School, is a lasting tribute to this most special and resourceful man.

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