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This is an emotionally difficult story to read, but ultimately a positive and rewarding one. McMenamins artist Jonathan Case, whose work is shown below, lost his child several months ago. Otis was just 20 months old when he had an unexpected seizure and passed away in the hospital on January 21, 2016. As a tribute to their son, Otis’s mom Sarah Zollner Case launched a powerful movement of generosity in their son’s name, a wave of kindness that has since traveled far and wide over social media.

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A Native Perspective on UFO Phenomena

You may have heard that next week, we launch into orbit the 17th Annual UFO Festival in downtown McMinnville. If you haven’t yet made it to this colorful, mind-expanding festival, you should make it happen. It has become a Pacific Northwest “bucket list” item for many, attracting guests from around the nation.

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