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Five Degrees of Separation

Have you heard of the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”? Invented by three college kids in 1994, the premise of this parlor/drinking game is to find the shortest path between an arbitrary actor and prolific character actor Kevin Bacon. (For examples, see The Oracle of Bacon.) While we don’t have a Bacon connection (that we know of at the moment, still working on that), we did discover a connection between McMenamins and . . . THE BEATLES.

Boom. [mic drop] * Yes, we are well aware that Ringo Starr has played at Edgefield. That counts; but keep reading…

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A Portrait of the Artist

Next month, we open the Ed House at Old St. Francis School, in which each room commemorates a teacher or educator from the former St. Francis School. And the month after that, we fling open the doors of the Art House, where each room is named for the title of a painting done by one of the artists who have lent their talents to McMenamins properties.

Each artist was asked to paint a mural that represents his or her experiences or inspirations from working with McMenamins. Below is just one example of the lovely pieces that will adorn the Art House – Brenna White’s personal interpretation of longtime McMenamins artist Lyle Hehn’s signature style and work, along with her description of the panel and biography.

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“Wonderment in the Air”

Outdoor concert season has begun — to quote Max, king of all wild things, “And now, let the wild rumpus start!” We are heading into our 11th season of Edgefield Concerts on the Lawn, with this summer’s shows kicking off this weekend. But did you know that the original series started way back in 1994?

Recently, a Facebook fan of McMenamins History commented on a photo of a ’94 Edgefield Concerts poster: “I went to Indigo Girls! I’ve been looking to purchase this poster!!!!” So we sent her a vintage poster, in exchange for her memories of that show for the history archives.

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Father Luke’s Legacy

Our new Ed House at Old St. Francis School is scheduled to open July 1. The 17 lodging rooms are named in honor of inspiring teachers from the school’s past, including one for Fr. Luke Sheehan, already the namesake of our Father Luke’s Foundation Room.

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Interview with Saint Motel in the Green Room, Crystal Ballroom May 28, 2016

McMenamins photographer Kat Nyberg had the opportunity to sit down with Saint Motel before their show at Crystal Ballroom on Saturday for a fun, spontaneous interview and photo shoot. Find out why the Crystal is one of their favorite venues, where babies come from, and other interesting topics. It was an amazing show for everyone, and the interview was a fun bit of spontaneity for both Kat and the band.

Thanks for a great night guys!

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Last Nun Standing

Our new Ed House at Old St. Francis School is scheduled to open July 1. The 17 rooms will be named after past teachers at the school, including Kathleen Heppner, “the last nun standing.”

Written by our newest History Department co-worker, Emlyn Bruns.


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