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Our Lady of the Pipes

As you probably know, each room at the new Art House at Old St. Francis School is named for the title of a painting done by one of the artists who have lent their talents to McMenamins properties.

Artist Damian Zari has a wonderful and distinctly different style from what we are used to seeing at our properties – for example, he uses an air brush to spray the paint onto his canvas (whether the canvas be a wall, a piece of fabric or the human body). Below is the piece he did for the Art House, his summary of his influences for the work, and his bio. 

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Walking with Ramona

Anyone out there familiar with the Ramona Quimby books? Yeah, we thought so.

Since school is starting back up in just a couple weeks, this month’s History Pub at the Old Church in Wilsonville is geared toward kids, including kids-turned-adults, about beloved author and McMinnville native Beverly Cleary’s Oregon.

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An Elite Clarinetist Lands in Bothell

Here is another piece written for the Anderson School in Bothell, WA, about an intriguing character named Nicholas Oeconomacos. (First things first – it’s pronounced: uh-con-uh-MOCK-us)

Oeconomacos was an elite musician who played for kings and queens and lords and ladies in celebrated venues around the world. So how did he end up in Bothell, WA? Read on…

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