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“Bridging Urban America”

On Thursday, October 6, the Kennedy School Theater is hosting the Portland premiere of the documentary Bridging Urban America about world-renown civil engineer and bridge architect Ralph Modjeski. Among his many structural feats are the Oakland Bay Bridge in San Francisco, the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia and Portland’s own Broadway Bridge.

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Ben Boone of Bothell

Edgefield Winery’s 2015 Poor Farm Pinot Gris is soon to be released, and this year, the label features this work by Lyle Hehn, called Match in the Attic, which is installed at Anderson School in Bothell.

The women shown were based on three of the four daughters of Ben Boone (also pictured below), whose phenomenal story includes links to frontiersman Daniel Boone, cattle-rustling during the 1890s Gold Rush, legendary author Jack London, Mike and Brian’s grandfather Charlie Wentworth, rodeos on the Squak Slough and 85 cases of whiskey.


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Water Tower Shenanigans in Sherwood

We are in the process of updating and compiling history sheets for all our properties, and last week I was able to spend some time in Sherwood, OR. Not only is it the site of our Sherwood Pub but it’s the source of some really fantastic old stories.

This idyllic little bedroom community southeast of Portland was named by Money magazine as “among the top 50 best places to live in the United States” in 2013. But back in the late 1800s, things were different – Sherwood (originally referred to as Smockville) was considered “a tough town,” with “rowdyism and drunkenness,” a place where “gunplay was not unusual and street brawls were common.”

Read on for a great story from 1890, one that would lend itself quite well to an original painting by a McMenamins artist…

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