A Man Walks into a Bar…

A man walks into a bar and says, “Hey, I’ve got all this old stuff from when this place used to be a [insert historic building turned McMenamins property here]. Do you want it?”

Yes! We want it! Well, we at least want to hear about it. Keep reading…

photoWant us to know all about your old photos featuring a McMenamins, your home videos, stories, remembrances, letterman’s jacket, menu from the old business, and on and on? Not to worry, we here in history can help. We want to know about what you’ve got, even if we eventually decide not to archive whatever it is you’re offering in the Top-Secret McMenamins Vaults. (No, there are no vaults. Yet.)

So, what’s the proper protocol?

One way is to just send us an email – past@mcmenamins.com goes directly to our lead historian Tim Hills, who will then follow up with you. But better yet, fill out a simple form that lives on our History Page. It asks you a couple questions, like what it is you have, which property it features and what your contact info is. Then – ta-daaa! – we’ll give you a call or an email to chat.

We will scan photos and return them, or digitize old videos and return the originals, if the you want them back.

Recently, we had a guest named Fred Burnsed drop off a stack of old photos that had been taken at the Grand Lodge in the 1940s (see some samples, below). Fred’s two aunts, Christie and Mary Ann, were employed there when it was known as the Masonic & Eastern Star Home. Christie worked in the office, while Mary Ann worked in the kitchen. Mary Ann ended up marrying the home’s cook.

And how to tell if something is “historic” or not? Use your best judgment. If you want to donate a photo you took of Stevie Wonder playing at Edgefield in 2007? Well, maybe we don’t need that. But you have a photo of  Stevie Wonder at Edgefield with a bottle of Hammerhead in his hand? Yeah, we’ll take that! (For the record, that never happened. At least not on camera. That we know of.)


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