Another shout out to our incredible Edgefield bakery

These two gems, (pun intended!), were created for McKella Laurence & Eric Timm’s wedding on 6/10/18 and Hilary Scheer & Landis Taylor’s on 6/2/18, both at McMenamins Edgefield.

McKella and Eric’s amethyst geode cake consisted of rock candy and gold leaf. Each candy piece representing the geode was attached to the cake, one at a time, with clear edible piping gel. Two tiers of our Chocolate Terminator Stout Cake and one of Marionberry Hazelnut Cake, and iced in vanilla buttercream.

Hilary and Landis’s sugar crystals were made from Isomalt (an invert sugar).  Then hand painted, with rock candy crystals added around the edges, and rock candy crystals to the cake topper. One tier of Marionberry Hazelnut, one of Chocolate Buttermilk and one of Blanc de Noir Champagne Cake. Also iced with a vanilla buttercream. All in all, both cakes took our bakery about a dozen hours to construct these delicious works of art!

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  1. Elizabeth on June 18, 2018 at 3:25 pm

    These cakes are AMAZING!!!!

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