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A New Mission for The Mission Theater

April brings about a change in the season, and for us it brings about a change in our McMenamins music world. At the end of April the Mission Theater will be transforming from a live event and music venue to a first run movie theater. While we are excited to re-open our doors with this…

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Satan’s Pilgrims CD Release Recap

“Portland’s legendary surf band, Satan’s Pilgrims, did not disappoint at their Mission Theater CD release show on June 3. It was very reminiscent of the old days at The House of Rock. I go-go danced my ass off! They played an instrumental version of one of my favorite songs, “Sukiyaki,” I was so stoked! Whenever…

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Getting to know 1939 Ensemble

1939 Ensemble invited us into their North Portland practice space to talk about the formation of their band and how they developed their unique sound. We also got to capture them performing one of their new songs, “Hourglass,” before they hit the road to go on tour with Tortoise and RJD2, a tour that is…

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