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2013 Winter Scotch Dinners

Join fellow spirits imbibers at one of our popular Winter Scotch Dinners to hear about, smell, taste and enjoy this selection of scotches, all paired with a menu of courses to complement the flavors. Your host is the charming and edifying Stuart Ramsay.

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And the Winner Is…

photoThe 19th Annual Hillsdale Brewfest was held last Saturday, February 25, 2012, with great fanfare and loads of merriment. After a long, raucous day of sampling each of the 22 ales on offer, the ballots were tallied and the results are in.

This year’s battle was the closet finish yet with the winner edging out the second-place finisher by a mere 3 points! That’s just ONE first-place vote that made the difference! (Never let it be said that your votes don’t matter at this affair.)

Without further ado:

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Stories from the Vault

Our 20-page seasonal newsletter was discontinued a couple years back — so we’ll be periodically pulling old stories from this, as well as from the way-way back newsletter called Resonance of the Festival. Here’s a story published in our Winter 2007 newsletter about our love of a roaring, crackling fire, especially this time of year…

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Stories from the Vault…

Our 20-page seasonal newsletter was discontinued a couple years back – so we’ll be periodically pulling old stories from this, as well as from the way-way back newsletter called photoResonance of the Festival. First up, here’s a story published in our Winter 2006 newsletter about our staff’s favorite McMenamins artwork…

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things…

We asked McMenamins staff and employees to name their favorite pieces of artwork within the Kingdom. Suggestions came pouring in from our pubs, breweries and hotels, so we could only include a very few of those picks here. Keep an eye out for these masterpieces and others the next time you visit your local McMenamins. Let us know what your favorite artwork is!

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Thundercone Fresh Hop Ale

photoOn Tuesday, September 6, 2011, as the mist rose from the fields and the sun broke through the clouds over Mount Hood, a group of early-rising brewfolk gathered at a farm in Silverton, Ore., in pursuit of one goal:

To complete “The Running of the Brewers” in record time…


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Zeus Café: Part IV – But What’s It Look Like?

photoIt’s finally happening! We’re open – our first historic hotel in downtown Portland. The true gem in this crown is the Zeus Café, open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with a late-night menu.

So what’s it look like? Like the pub down the street? Well… yes and no.

The first thing you might notice about the look of the place is the light flooding in through the windows. Bordered on one side by bustling Burnside St. and Stark on the other, the huge windows lend an open airiness to the place, perhaps a little different than your favorite dark-and-cozy neighborhood joint.

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Zeus Café: Part II – Can I Take Your Order?

This is the second installment in a series of blogs about our new Zeus Café at the Crystal Hotel, opening on May 3 in downtown Portland. Here, we take a look at what’s on the menus.

photoJust four more days ‘til Zeus Café is officially open to the public. As of this coming Tuesday, May 3, you can stroll in any time after 7 a.m. for a quick bite to eat or a leisurely multi-course meal. You can choose a booth by the window or sit at our open showcase kitchen to watch our kitchen staff at work. No need for reservations – just roll on by whenever you’re hungry or thirsty.

So, what will we be serving, you ask? Executive Chef Barry Rumsay and Chef de Cuisine Paul Arnold have put together a set of menus slightly different than what you expect from our pubs. For example, there’s nary a tater tot on the menu. Nor will you find a Captain Neon burger. But not to worry – we’ve got you covered.

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