Can You Guess Which Spot?

Think you’re a McMenamins history buff? Identify the five properties with the clues below.

1. An eclectic mix of longshoremen, teamsters, brewery and mill workers have mingled with college students, legislators, governors, judges and lobbyists.

2. “No more can be said for them than that the man who took them is an honest individual and that the negatives show no sign of having been tampered with….”

3. One remodeled room has light bulbs arranged across the wall near the ceiling so the pattern resembles the sheet music for The Grateful Dead song “Uncle John’s Band.”

4. Our 12th brewery opened in the summer of 1995 and went on to establish a reputation as a joint that brews “a truly fierce IPA.”

5. “I wait a moment for it to warm up and lose its head and then I have a long sip, and right about then two articulate and hilarious friends of mine appear and we argue about books and writers and music and politics and wars and women, and the sparrows in the ivy bicker and rustle, and the sun spatters through the sycamores, and there is an hour of some kind of salty peace that’s hard to explain. It has something to do with the ale, which is delicious, and with my friends, who are testy and funny and generous, and with the sunlight, which is rare and nutritious here; but finally I think the deepest pleasure of that hour has to do with the Oregonness and pubbishness of the pub.”



1. The Spar in Olympia, WA, was a hotbed of political, judicial, blue collar and collegiate activity. And it still is, just add Tripsters to that mix.

2. This LIFE magazine quote refers to the photos of a UFO-type craft taken by Paul Trent near McMinnville, OR, home to our Hotel Oregon. These photos have yet to be discredited and are the reason for our UFO Festival, held every May. In 2019, we will hold our 20th Annual UFO Festival, celebrating these images and the UFO phenomena.

3. Find this interesting amenity in Mike’s Light Bulb Room on the first floor of Grand Lodge in Forest Grove, OR.

4. The Mill Creek Brewery north of Seattle is known for its stellar IPAs.

5. Posted just a couple days ago on the McMenamins History Facebook page, this lovely quote sums up an afternoon spent on the Fulton Pub patio just perfectly.

Extra credit: Name the author quoted in #5.
Brian Doyle (1956-2017)

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