Can You Guess Which Spot?

Think you’re a McMenamins history buff? Identify the five properties associated with these images.

Property #1

Spar Café (Olympia, WA) – Want to try a beer made with 3,330-year-old artesian well water (give or take 50 years)? The beer is brewed using water from the artesian well bubbling up in the basement.

Property #2

Olympic Club (Centralia, WA) – The sign above the doors reads NO MINORS ALLOWED, but miners were always welcome. As long as they were men. Women were allowed in during the 1970s, six decades after it opened.

Property #3

Anderson School (Bothell, WA) – This was an early architectural rendering of an idea for the North Shore Lagoon.

Property #4

McMenamins Queen Anne (a.k.a. Roy Street) (Seattle, WA) – On 7/2/15, at 11:39am, then-brewer Kyle Jungck filled the company’s one-millionth keg, which was a keg of Ruby.

Property #5

Six Arms (Seattle, WA) – You can just barely make out the pub’s namesake artwork on the far wall, but those exploding-star light fixtures deserve their moment in the sun.




















Property #1: Spar Café (Olympia, WA)

Property #2: Olympic Club (Centralia, WA)

Property #3: Anderson School (Bothell, WA)

Property #4: McMenamins Queen Anne (Seattle, WA)

Property #5: Six Arms (Seattle, WA)

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