Can You Guess Which Spot?

This week, we scroll all the way back to a photo contest we held back in 2014. Can you name each McMenamins location shown?

Property #1  

Property #2

Property #3

Property #4

Property #5









  1. FULTON PUB (Portland, OR) — see how little the interior structure has changed.
  2. JOHN BARLEYCORNS (Tigard, OR) – the building was inspired by this pump house located in Hawaii; note the palm tree.
  3. HOTEL OREGON (McMinnville, OR) – nearly 100% of responses were correct on this one.
  4. LIGHTHOUSE BREWPUB (Lincoln City, OR) — it was either this or the Sand Trap; most people guessed Sand Trap.
  5. OLD ST. FRANCIS SCHOOL (Bend, OR) – the car is the OSF nuns’ Rambler Ambassador, for which one of the event spaces is named.

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