Can You Guess Which Spot?

Each of these images below is associated with a different McMenamins property.

Can you guess which is which?


1) Chris Boyd may have had the longest residency (1931 to 1963) of any poor farm resident at what is today known as McMenamins Edgefield. Because he liked to sit and rock on the front porch, Boyd assumed the role of Edgefield’s unofficial greeter for much of that three-decade period.

2) This painting by McMenamins artist Lyle Hehn shows a band playing in the flooded McMenamins Grand Lodge attic while Ruby paddles away in the background. Today, that same space houses our newest guestrooms, plus a hidden stairwell.

3) At the Backstage Bar located behind the Bagdad Theater, head upstairs into the Kimball Room. You’ll see an unpainted spot on the far wall — 1926 graffiti from one of the workman before the theater opened to the public in 1927.

4) Centralia, WA, locals enjoy a competitive game of checkers at what is today’s McMenamins Olympic Club.

5) This 1926 shot shows a bar in John’s Landing in SW Portland called Reisch’s Place. Today, that same spot is known as McMenamins Fulton Pub & Brewery.

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