Seeing the World at 15 Miles per Hour

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Stephanie and Merrick McGinnis have ridden their bikes from Key West to Nova Scotia, Boston to Seattle and up and down the West Coast. Now these two-time Cosmic Tripsters are taking McMenamins by bike on a quest to fill their third Passports in a ride that may not be their longest (Boston-Seattle gets that honor…

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Sunflower IPA Blooms Again

Dry-Hopped Sunflower IPAWe’ve added more bloom to our traditional Sunflower IPA recipe, complete with an array of hop varieties for added aroma and hop flavor, to brew up one batch of Dry-Hopped Sunflower IPA. Starting July 1, these limited-edition bottles of Dry-Hopped Sunflower IPA are available for sale until they run out. You can find the 22-ounce bottles at all our Oregon and Vancouver, Wash. locations  for $5.10 each.

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2013 Winter Scotch Dinners

Join fellow spirits imbibers at one of our popular Winter Scotch Dinners to hear about, smell, taste and enjoy this selection of scotches, all paired with a menu of courses to complement the flavors. Your host is the charming and edifying Stuart Ramsay.

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Ben Harper Photo Recap!

Ben Harper took the stage solo and started with some acoustic songs, setting a mellow mood for the rest of the show. The crowd was quiet, just taking in the music that was perfect for a warm summer night. Here are some of my favorite shots:


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Wild Flag’s Undercard: EMA

photoUnless you’ve been living under a moss-encrusted rock somewhere on the nether side of Mt. Tabor, you know that Portland’s beloved Wild Flag will be gracing the Crystal Ballroom stage on May 4.

If you like rock ‘n’ roll even a little, teeny bit, go. Go to this show. Wild Flag puts on one of the best shows you’ll ever see.

But today’s blog post isn’t about Wild Flag. Today’s blog post is about one of the support acts –EMA–  who will be playing this show. 

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Americana, Part 2: What the Hell Is It?

photoLast week I wrote a blog post (here) with some preliminary thoughts about the nature of “Americana.” I use quotes around that word because I mean the nature of “Americana” as a term -or at least that’s how I intend to start the conversation -because it’s a term that gets bandied about like a mofo and I wonder if it’s lost some meaning in the process. It might be interesting to unpack it a bit.

Pinning down the definition of music genres is something I think about a lot (Seriously. I know, I’m a nerd. But I once wrote a 1,200-word piece on the true definition of “emo” and got all sorts of hate mail about it, so obviously I’m not the only nerd who cares.), and my interest was re-piqued by Frank Fairfield’s recent stint at Al’s Den.

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