We’re Keeping the Home Fires Burning

Throwback to a McMenamins newsletter article in the December 2007/January-February 2008 issue With the flurry of excitement about this weekend’s wintery weather forecast, we thought it was time to take stock of our many fireplaces, and in doing so, we stumbled across an old article! Much of what was written in this 2007-8 piece still…

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Captain Neon and Argon the Assassin: The Story Behind the Story

Under the reddish glow of a neon ceiling at the Barley Mill Pub back in 1984, Mike McMenamin penned the first installment of the story “The Adventures of Captain Neon.” No stranger to the glorious subtleties of illumination, inspiration struck when Mike considered the pulsing glow of a newly filled neon tube. In a classic…

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McMenamins Podcast Transcript
The Red Shed Tapes

I’m Shannon McMenamin, host of The Red Shed Tapes. Growing up, my dad always drove a van; my brothers and I spent a lot of time rolling around in the back of those vans. In the center between the bucket seats, he always had a cassette holder full of bootlegs of Grateful Dead shows. They…

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Exquisite Meals & Decadent Desserts

Black Rabbit Dessert

Winter at the Black Rabbit Bar & Restaurant at Edgefield is everything you dream of – cozy, warm, full of creative cocktails, delicious comfort food and extravagant-yet-homey desserts. We sat down with Executive Chef Jaime Shultz and Pastry Chef Chuck Dugo to taste and talk. Black Rabbit Executive Chef Jaime Shultz After a stint at the…

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Eerie Edible Edgefield

Edgefield Haunted House

An Interview with Chuck Dugo, Pastry Chef Black Rabbit Bakery at Edgefield Strangely, it was Christmas that inspired Edgefield bakers to construct a creepy, crumbling Halloween version of Edgefield manor. In order to have enough time to make the thousand or so sugar & egg white bricks that make up the traditional pastried holiday structure,…

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Satan’s Pilgrims CD Release Recap

“Portland’s legendary surf band, Satan’s Pilgrims, did not disappoint at their Mission Theater CD release show on June 3. It was very reminiscent of the old days at The House of Rock. I go-go danced my ass off! They played an instrumental version of one of my favorite songs, “Sukiyaki,” I was so stoked! Whenever…

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