Edgefield Way Back When

Here in our office, deep in the basement of the Mission Theater, it’s a veritable treasure trove of old photos, articles, artifacts and anecdotes. Like the stuff that was unearthed off a shelf today! – come along, take a quick walk down Memory Lane. Be careful to mind the nails on the floor and the cracks in the pavement, watch out for the blackberry thickets and the errant rabbit or two, and don’t be too put-off by the graffiti…. It was a work in progress.

Look, it’s THE black rabbit (well, probably; there were a few out there), the one that hopped along with the McMenamin family as they toured the property in 1990. If not for that little guy, there would be no Black Rabbit Restaurant & Bar, Black Rabbit Red, Black Rabbit House, Black Rabbit Porter…. The building in the background that’s nearly consumed by blackberries is today’s Distillery Bar.

Speaking of the Black Rabbit Bar — can you see it taking shape, below? Amazing what happens when you knock out a wall or two, add some paint and artwork, build some booths, bring in the guests, pour some beer, wine and spirits….

Here was the entertainment during a pre-opening party in 1990 or ’91. Anyone know this band? Anyone know who that baby is? And don’t miss the notable graffiti left earlier by vandals (a.k.a. neighborhood kids). Can anyone read that the floor says I’M REALLY STONED? Also, it is important to note the Racer X tag on the back wall – out of respect for the artist’s [ahem] prolific talent, we recreated that tag into several murals that still currently hang at Edgefield, as an homage to the artist’s portfolio. And below that, the Ballroom today, as set for a wedding — maybe that little kid’s wedding 27 years later, who knows? Maybe that same band played.


Hey, we see you, Mike. The Winery was the first location at Edgefield to open to the public. And, as shown in the final shot, it’s still a great spot to get a glass of wine with friends.


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