Gary Ewing Panel (UPDATE)

Blog update, March 15, 2010
photoIt’s the Ides of March, time for an update. I have finished the panel I was working on, the 4’x6′ panel which is essentially a homage to Gary Ewing. I need to thank Liz Devine, photographer, for the reference photo I used for the Crystal Ballroom. Crystal ShotBasically, I pretty much rendered her photo, because I loved the feeling of the crowd focused on the stage, where you actually don’t see the performers, but can see the light and energy emanating from the stage. I liked that particularly because Gary was primarily about the light. And I want to thank Karen Ewing, for her talking with me and sharing information that I found very helpful. Anyway, it is complete and I have a good feeling about it. Now, onward and upward.

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