Going West

Will WestThis week’s blog post is gonna be a quickie, but a goodie.

Will West has been holding down a lot of forts for us lately – heading up the White Eagle’s “Eagle Time” and “Add Love” showcases, kickin’ it at Rock Creek Tavern, etc.

We like West for his hand-clappy, call-and-response approach to Americana. He doesn’t lazily rest on old tropes, nor does he rely on the instruments to do all the work; rather, it’s clear he uses them as tools to support the song as a whole, allowing vocals, melodies and lyrics plenty of room to do their thing.

West recently released a single, “Life,” from his new album Sunshine (out June 14), and it’s available for a name-your-price download. “Life” features work from Matt Brown, Tanner Cundy, and several other of our favorites. Check it out below:

Will West, "The Life Single"


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