Have you ever heard of “Guestiquette”? It is a new term that is popping up amongst those planning weddings or other large scale events. Guestiquette is just a way to keep your guests, particularly out of town guests, informed and provide them with information and even a few “treats” to make them feel welcome and a part of your wedding day. It’s all about going from out of towner to guest of honor.

This can be done in many ways and at different stages in your planning process. Many couples are creating wedding websites to keep guests informed from start to finish. Then when the wedding comes, it is nice to make your guests feel really welcome with a gift bag or basket.

Guestiquette bags or baskets can be produced on the cheap or can be quite extravagant and fancy, all depending on your budget. Here are some recommendations of items to include:

  • Information regarding their hotel and their amenities.
  • Other local amenities such as nearby hikes or local shopping.
  • Snacks such as granola bars or trail mix, chocolates and bottled water. You can even upgrade with bottles of beer or wine.
  • Information regarding the rehearsal dinner, if you are having one and if they are invited. Often times, out of town guests should be invited to the Rehearsal dinner as they came all this way to see you on your special day!
  • Information regarding the wedding, where to go, when the ceremony starts, and other pertinent wedding information you would like to share.
  • Adding a personalized note to the guest(s) receiving the package adds a very personal note that makes the guest(s) feel even more welcome.
  • A small gift such as a gift card valid at the Hotel they are starting. McMenamins sells gift cards at all locations and are valid at all locations.

Often times, these packages can be made in advance and labeled with the guests name(s) and delivered to the hotel so they may provide them to guests upon check in or even delivering to their rooms prior to arrival. It is best to double check with the hotel first to find out their policies. McMenamins is very familiar with this and will be more than willing to help out!

Happy guestiquetting!

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