Our Faves the Avetts, at the Grammys!

By Jonanna Widner | February 12, 2011 |


photoWe here at McMenamins music have a special affection for the Avett Brothers. After all, we have quite a history with these fellas: They’ve traveled our properties as a Great Northwest Music Tour headliner, played four Crystal Ballroom shows, and absolutely tore it UP at last summer’s Edgefield Concerts on the Lawn (side note: Avett fans are very good tippers. Thanks, y’all!).

So we couldn’t be more pleased to spread the word that our favorite heartfelt stomp-rock-country-roots band will be playing at the Grammys this year! The Avetts will be sharing the stage with Bob Dylan, no less (another Edgefield Concert star from last summer, by the way) and Mumford and Sons, who of course took over the airwaves this past year.

Click through and see some awesome exclusive pics!

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By Jonanna Widner | February 3, 2011 |

Opera TOGOThe word “opera” doesn’t usually conjure up the words “light-hearted comedy,” “kids fare” or even “fun.” The art form, succumbing to the slow change in taste over the centuries, is nowadays often seen as a stodgy old art form, reserved for stodgy old people, to be performed in ornate (but still stodgy!) old opera houses.

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Get Crystalized at the Ballroom’s Big B-day

By Jonanna Widner | January 26, 2011 |


photoWhen my esteemed music marketing overlords asked me to write a blog entry giving you the lowdown on the Crystal Ballroom’s 97th Birthday Free-for-All, my first thought was, “Uh, sure guys, that’s all fine and dandy in theory, but how could I possibly describe the ultimate awesomeness that this party entails? It will take 25 pages, and our readers have lives, ya know!”

So I figured I’d narrow it down. Give you a real feel for what this affair is, not just some fluffy words. To wit:



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Mission Control

By Jonanna Widner | January 20, 2011 |


photoSometimes, you just get on a roll. And, not to toot our own vuvuzelas, but, brutha, the Mission is on a roll. Or, perhaps it’s better to say the Mission is, uh, on a mission to drop some serious live entertainment on PDX.

What, you thought the Mission was only for movies? OK, we’ll grant you that it’s called the Mission Theater, but if you know McMenamins you know we love to think outside the box. We’ve been lining up a seriously cool, wondrously varied lineup for the upcoming weeks, and, while there’s plenty of screen-oriented goodness to check out, we’d like to point out some of the other goodies on their way to the Mission’s live stage:  


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Have Mercer

By Jonanna Widner | January 11, 2011 |

jmFor years, James Mercer has been known as many things.

He is, for one, a Shin. In fact, he founded the Shins, one of the most lauded bands of the decade.

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Ticket Switch!

By Jonanna Widner | January 7, 2011 |

photoOK…as a professional, I know am supposed to maintain a cool, detached demeanor. I mean, yeah we have fun here at McMenamins Music and all, but still, there’s a certain comportment one is supposed to bear while at work. You know, no tank tops at your desk. No throwing flip-flops at the brewers as they pass by. No excited “Woo hoo”‘s should be emanating from behind my cubicle wall.

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The Billy D Boogie Is Taking Over!

By Jonanna Widner | December 8, 2010 |

BNilly DIt hasn’t taken long for one of McMenamins’ newest acts to start making a splash in the Northwest blues scene…

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Sallie Ford = Best New Band!

By Mike Walker | May 10, 2010 |

Sallie FordYay! Big ups to one of the stars of our Great Northwest Music Tour : Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside just won Best New Band in Willamette Week’s 2010 Insiders Music Poll.

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