Can You Guess Which Spot?

By History Department | January 8, 2020 |

Think you’re a McMenamins history buff? Identify the five properties associated with these images. Property #1 Hint: This was taken in 1985. Property #2 Hint: Bring your own chalk. Property #3 Hint: It’s the first spot we built from the ground up. Property #4 Hint: “Everything’s great ‘til you tow a judge’s car.” Property #5…

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Can You Guess Which Spot?

By History Department | December 31, 2019 |

This week, we scroll all the way back to a photo contest we held back in 2014. Can you name each McMenamins location shown? Property #1   Property #2 Property #3 Property #4 Property #5               Answers: FULTON PUB (Portland, OR) — see how little the interior structure has…

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Mush On and Smile

By History Department | December 24, 2019 |

Hello from the History Department. Happy holidays, one and all! Here’s a good one from the archives, originally sent out five years ago. ***** Kathleen Eloise Rockwell (a.k.a. Klondike Kate, a.k.a. Kate Rockwell Warner Matson Van Duren, a.k.a. Aunt Kate) was born in Kansas in the early 1870s. The family moved to Spokane, WA, where…

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2020 Upcoming Wedding Shows

By McMenamins Sales Team | December 20, 2019 |

Saturday, January 4 & Sunday, January 5 – Seattle Wedding Show Saturday, January 11 – Clark County Wedding Expo Saturday, January 18 – Cascades Wedding Show Sunday, March 22 – Rainbow Wedding Network Wedding Expo

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The Doty Fish Company

By History Department | December 18, 2019 |

Hello from the History Department. On the banks of the Columbia River, just north of where our Kalama Harbor Lodge stands today, there was once a huge and prosperous fish packaging plant called the Doty Fish Company. Founded in 1895, it was one of the enterprises that first brought the world a taste of the…

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Anderson’s Principal Who Wasn’t

By History Department | December 10, 2019 |

Hello from the History Department. First, some news – we’re excited to announce the addition of another History Pub to our repertoire. Beginning January 29, 2020 (and continuing every last Wednesday of the month), the Compass Room at the Grand Lodge will be the latest venue to host one of our free, monthly history programs.…

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The Chinook People in Kalama

By History Department | December 3, 2019 |

Hello from the History Department. Along with many examples of Native artwork and sculpture at the Kalama Harbor Lodge, there is a guest room named for the indigenous Chinook people, who thrived in the region “since time immemorial.” Sharing their history is a just one way to honor those who came first. As we know…

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McMenamins Artist Justyn Livingston

By History Department | November 26, 2019 |

Hello from the History Department. Did you miss Fibonacci Day, on 11/23? Yeah, we did, too. Below, Justyn Livingston, for whom we named a room in the Art House at Old St. Francis School in Bend, OR, explains her artistic inspiration through the teachings of mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci (ca. 1170–1250). You might already be familiar…

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Origination of an Icon

By History Department | November 19, 2019 |

Today is Terminator’s 34th birthday celebration (pints for $4.50! Growler fills just $9! 20% off Terminator merch!) — but here is some fascinating company history about one of our flagship beers. Behold, the original Hammerhead logo, compliments of McMenamins artist Lyle Hehn, conceived on February 1, 1992. A triumphant, confident pose, overalls and rolled-up shirtsleeves,…

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Can You Guess Which Spot? Celebrity Edition

By History Department | November 12, 2019 |

Think you’re a McMenamins history buff? Identify the five properties associated with these celebrities. Property #1 Actors River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves with director Gus Van Sant Property #2 A Mc regular with Bruce Springsteen Property #3 Krist Novolselić, co-founder of Nirvana Property #4 Mc employee with Portland Trail Blazer Damian Lillard Property #5 Sasquatch,…

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