The 3 Joes

By History Department | September 17, 2019 |

Hello from the History Department. It’s not often that we can connect one of our own employees back three generations with a McMenamins property. And it’s even more rare when we can connect them with three different properties. Read along as we recount this amazing story involving Joes I, II and III – or perhaps…

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Chief Tsungani

By History Department | September 11, 2019 |

Hello from the History Department. Read about Chief Tsungani, some of whose lovely artwork hangs at the Kalama Harbor Lodge, such as the sun mask that greets guests at the entrance and is shown with the artist below. ********* Born Fearon Smith Jr., and nicknamed “Smitty,” Chief Tsungani is the younger brother of the late…

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Can You Guess Which Spot?

By History Department | September 3, 2019 |

Think you’re a McMenamins history buff? Identify the five properties associated with these images. Property #1 Property #2 Property #3 Property #4 Property #5                                                           Property #1…

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“Sonoma Coast” in Tacoma

By History Department | August 27, 2019 |

Hello from the History Department — If you have visited the McMenamins Elks Temple in Tacoma, you may have noticed the large acrylic painting featured in the hotel lobby, shown below. Entitled Sonoma Coast, this piece by artist John Rampley is a beloved part of our Tacoma collection, with special thanks to its owner, Ann…

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Slabtown Festival & Hockey in NW Portland

By History Department | August 20, 2019 |

Hello from the History Department — FACT: Did you know that Portland is the only non-winning city listed as champions on hockey’s famous Stanley Cup? Although the Portland Rosebuds did not win the Stanley Cup, the team had the words “Portland Ore./PCHA Champions/1915–16” engraved on the Cup after obtaining the trophy from the previous year’s champions, the Vancouver…

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“Black Hawk Down” History Event

By History Department | August 13, 2019 |

Hello from the History Department. This week, we’re spotlighting our History Pub at the Kennedy School on Monday, August 26. This is a different kind of event for us, because it has nothing to do with Pacific Northwest history. Instead, it focuses on a significant episode in American military history called the Battle of Mogadishu,…

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Infertile Ground for an Exquisite Talent

By History Department | August 6, 2019 |

Hello from the History Department. On Tues., August 27, at the Olympic Club, we’re presenting a History Pub about a hometown boy who made the big time. Merce Cunningham, born in Centralia, is considered one of the foremost innovators of modern dance and choreography. He passed just over a decade ago, in late July 2009,…

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“Big Red” stands tall at Cornelius Pass Roadhouse

By History Department | August 1, 2019 |

Hello from the History Department. This week, we delve into the archives for a blog about a remarkable piece of artwork at Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, one that has connections to… Star Wars?? It’s true. **** Made by Beaverton artist Joel Cottet (1948–2002), the sculpture was originally produced as a prototype for filmmaker George Lucas, of Star…

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Hospitality & Horticulture

By History Department | July 23, 2019 |

Hello from the History Department. In case you missed it, there was a great article in this week’s Seattle Times about McMenamins Anderson School’s gardens. It’s a great read and a good reminder to slow down and look around when you’re visiting our properties. While Edgefield most often get star billing for its lovely and…

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Congrats, LaCreole’s St. Saviour’s Bell

By History Department | July 16, 2019 |

Hello from the History Department. America’s first and oldest fair was held in 1765, in York, Pennsylvania. In comparison, Oregon’s Washington County Fair (held at the fair complex about 7.5 miles from our Grand Lodge) has only been running for 164 years, since 1855. This year’s event takes place on July 25-28, in Hillsboro, OR.…

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