Sent to the Principal’s Office

There is, in McMenamins philosophy, a thing called a “small bar,” those tiny watering holes in which people meet and talk and share ideas and laughs and drinks and songs within very small confines. This week, we take a look at another of our small bars.

You remember that anxious sense of dread that accompanied being summoned to the Principal’s Office?! Or maybe you were the good kid, the one who never once saw the inside of the Principal’s Office.

Well, here we are – and, hey, it’s not so bad, is it? Instead of stern looks and the threat of a ruler across the knuckles, now the offerings include good Scotch, enjoyable conversation and a library of books to peruse at your leisure. Note the pleasant, nostalgic scent of pencil shavings, thanks to the wall-mounted sharpener. (Feel free to give it a whirl.)

The original occupant of this space was beloved Bothell educator and first principal of this school, Wilbert A. Anderson. A smart, affable man with a great sense of humor and a seemingly bottomless well of patience, “Andy” Anderson devoted long days – and nights – in this office, around the campus and in the community to ensure the best for “his” school kids. In 1956, after 25 years, Anderson retired from his post, and was rightly honored for his service by the renaming of the place to “W. A. Anderson Junior High School.”

A succession of stellar principals followed in his footsteps, the last being the ever-positive and ever-effective Holly Call (pictured here), whose last duty here was overseeing the closure of the school in 2009 and relocation to a new facility. She happily returned here to her old office-turned-small bar six years later to toast McMenamins’ grand reopening.

Now it’s your turn to raise a glass to past principals and all the anxious teens who spent time in this storied space.

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