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The Red Shed Tapes

I’m Shannon McMenamin, host of The Red Shed Tapes. Growing up, my dad always drove a van; my brothers and I spent a lot of time rolling around in the back of those vans. In the center between the bucket seats, he always had a cassette holder full of bootlegs of Grateful Dead shows. They were the soundtrack to our early lives. I’ve long been intrigued by these tapes, and the spirit of that bootleg music and how it travels from person to person. This interconnectedness and retelling of stories through music and passing it on by word of mouth, the handing off of a cassette tape, is a time-honored tradition. And it seems that now this tradition has morphed into something else entirely through playlists, blogs and podcasts.

This podcast, The Red Shed Tapes, is keeping that tradition alive. It’s just like our first small bar, the Red Shed, a place to swap stories, build community, and share our love of beer, art and music – just like passing along a bootleg tape.

In each episode we will pass along stories of the people and places that have helped build McMenamins. The pubs, the restaurants, the hotels, the community that my dad, Mike, and uncle Brian started building 40 years ago in Portland, Oregon. It’s been an elusive sort of history to our company, and people are always like, “You should write a book, you should have this, you need that, you need to get this information down.” That’s been a real challenge. This podcast is the opportunity to document the spoken word so that we can have that record, that bootleg tape that we can pass around – and change the story and mix up the dates and let it continue to evolve, just like the company.

I’m Shannon McMenamin. Join me for The Red Shed Tapes wherever you listen to podcasts.

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  1. Dylan Welles on October 26, 2023 at 11:40 pm

    Love this! Can’t wait to listen. Would love to hear more. It’s really important to document spoken word, and what an incredible time to do so.

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