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We’re just two and a half weeks away from the 20th Annual UFO Festival, held at Hotel Oregon and in downtown McMinnville. If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend in the past two decades, make this year the year you go! It will blow your mind – from the hoards of people (and pets!) in colorful costume to the small-town-Americana parade to the fascinating and sometimes terrifying reports from our expert speakers, there is something intriguing for everyone. And new this year, we will also host… THE UNIPIPER! Yes. Fact. True.

Read what a few of our past speakers have to say about our festival, started 20 years ago…


Why is our festival different than other UFO conferences?
“This event has the coolest vibe of any UFO festival or conference…serious, but not too serious, and most of all, a lot of fun. The fact that it is produced by a civic-minded company which respects and restores old buildings and hotels, and also manages its own vineyards, breweries, and quality products is the cherry on top of the whole shebang.” – George Knapp, Peabody Award-winning investigative journalist 

“One evening, many of the audience members and speakers gathered at the McMenamins hotel to share appetizers and drinks. Again, we don’t often have the opportunity to interact on a one to one basis with our audience. So many terrific people! It was a great time.” – Kathleen Marden, UFO abduction researcher, hypnosis practitioner

“I was most impressed by the large number of good conversations I had with folks on the street . Many were excited to learn the truth about our topic. All were cordial, polite and well informed. I was impressed by the attendees at my presentation. They were alert, spontaneous, and engaged in the topic. The parade was much fun, as were the tinfoil hats!” — Dr. Bob Jacobs, PhD, retired military and UFO witness

What moment at the festival stood out for you?
“An individual wanted to talk with me. When I approached him, he said he never told anyone (other than his wife) a secret he has held for many years, and he wanted to tell me. He said he felt trust in me, and then told me that he was abducted when he was eight years old. That was the first time, and it happened a couple more times later in his life. I then questioned him to learn all I could about him in the short time we were together. I found him to be very well educated, well employed, and totally competent. He opened up my eyes substantially!” – David Schindele, retired Air Force captain and UFO witness

Why attend this UFO Festival?
“I’ve been speaking at UFO conferences for 30 years, and nothing else comes close to sense of fun and camaraderie. The whole town gets into the spirit of things, making for a visual spectacle that is unrivaled. This is a conference that takes the subject matter seriously, but doesn’t take itself too seriously. It is a perfect combination of respect and irreverence.” – George Knapp

Wait – what happened at our festival??
“After my presentation, when people were leaving, a person came up to me and congratulated me for being courageous enough to release my secret after 40 years. I asked the individual who he was and if he had a UFO experience. He would only say that he had a serious experience, but he would not tell me his name. I then asked if he worked for the government. He would not tell me that either, and he then he quickly excused himself and left. I later found that the individual was a current Federal U.S. Marshall.” – David Schindele

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