WedSocial – The One Stop Wedding App

We’re just back from the Wedding MBA in Las Vegas and while there we were encouraged to download and use WedSocial. This app was crazy helpful in getting a brief overview of the speakers and their backgrounds, scheduling our time to be sure we hit the right sessions to better serve our engaged couples, and keeping up on all the haps both at the conference and at the parties with lots of photos. WedSocialAfter using it for a few days, we can see how this simple app makes planning and sharing information with your guests easy. With WedSocial, you can tell the story of how you met and upload engagement photos.  You can introduce your wedding party and post event locations and directions for your guests.  Not to mention it provides one simple place for your guests to upload and share all their photos so you have an easy way to download all the photos of your fabulous wedding from one place.  But don’t take our word for it; check it out for yourself at  


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