What’s a Melomaniac?

Now, who knows what a melomaniac is? Read on…

melo·ma·ni·ac: one with an inordinate liking for music or melody; one who finds it difficult to go a single day without listening to music

From the classic-rock record sleeves covering the wood-beamed ceiling to the vinyl spinning nonstop on the turntable, this is the unofficial McMenamins’ melomaniac clubhouse. Named in honor of the McMenamin brothers’ mom, Pat’s Corner is the perfect place to enjoy a pint or a glass of Black Rabbit Red (her preferred potation) while listening to a record from her son Mike’s extensive collection.

Pat, whose record collection rivaled her son’s (with one notable exception: a total lack of Grateful Dead albums), fortified both Mike and Brian’s lifelong affinity for music. However, the brothers McMenamin were somewhat less encouraged by their mom to pursue another passion: the bar business. Back in the early days of their first venture, she was in fact “appalled” at the notion of her sons slinging brews. Of course, once the brothers’ pub adventure began, Pat was a loyal and proud customer.

Decades later, it’s impossible to imagine what the company would’ve been without her venerable influence. So, whether you’re listening to turntable jams by the fireplace or soaking in some live music outside at a picnic table, find a moment amongst the tunes to raise a toast to Pat McMenamin, a grand lady and truly exceptional mom.

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