Where the Music Never Stops

The company’s affinity for the music and imagery of the Grateful Dead is well-known and well-documented. Fire-pit adornments, weathervanes, the names of menu items, the wonderful bronze statue by Joe Cotter and on and on — the influence of the band and its charismatic front man is apparent throughout our properties.

Jerry’s Ice House is a prime example – on Sunday, July 30, during the annual Jerry Garcia’s Birthday at Edgefield, pop in to have a look around, keeping the following in mind….

There’s a band out on the highway
They’re high-steppin’ into town
It’s a rainbow full of sound
It’s fireworks, calliopes and clowns
Everybody’s dancin’

Come on children, come on children
Come on clap your hands
–“The Music Never Stopped,” Grateful Dead

Jerry’s Ice House is named for the Dead’s iconic singer, composer, musician, Jerry Garcia. And when you’re here, it’s like you’re inside one of Garcia’s guitars, mid-performance: intimate, nonlinear and a very unique, colorful, musical space!

Originally this place was the Edgefield poor farm’s cold storage for the kitchen operation. Ice blocks once kept meats, dairy and produce fresh and cold. Nowadays, the inspired grooves and jams of the Grateful Dead fill the air and the cement walls are lined with concert posters of the legendary band that inspired a multi-generational American subculture.

You don’t have to be a Deadhead to fit in at Jerry’s Ice House. You don’t have to be a Taper or a Spinner, and it doesn’t matter if you ever ambled down Shakedown Street. Because here, the music never stops and eventually, the beat will find your feet.

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