Why Book Your Wedding at McMenamins?

Are you expecting a lot of out-of-town guests for your wedding?  Do you want to put them up somewhere with lots to do before and after the wedding?  If you book with us at one of our amazing properties, your friends and family will have access to all of the fun and unique amenities we offer.  Sure, that corporate hotel downtown may have one restaurant, but do they also have small bars, a theater, billiards, and a soaking pool?  The Kennedy School does!

Or, what about a property that offers the best music venue in the city, along with shuffleboard and pinball, and comedy on the weekends?  That’s the Crystal Hotel and Ballroom in the heart of Portland!

Maybe your friends and family would enjoy a tiki bar and massive salt water pool?  Anderson School in Bothell, WA (pictured) has you covered!

If that’s not enough, maybe you need to host your wedding at Edgefield, where your guests can catch a movie, play golf, tour the winery, eat in the fantastic Black Rabbit Restaurant, and so much more, I don’t even have room to list it all…

There’s something for everyone at our beautiful, historic hotel properties, so book your wedding today!

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